Tuesday, January 1, 2013

photography picture quotes, photography pictures.

1. One picture is worth a thousand words.

2. These days I think the composers of music influence me more than any photographers or visual creators. I see something exciting or lovely and think to myself: 'If Papa Haydn or Wolfgang Amadeus or the red-headed Vivaldi were here with a camera, they'd snap a picture of what's in front of me.' So I take the picture for them.

3. The pictures you want tomorrow, you have to take today.

4. Life is fun. You've got the picture to prove it.

5. Since that was your last flashbulb, shouldn't you have loaded the film before taking the picture?

6. I like your motto: One picture is worth 1,000 denials.

7. I am a perfectionist. When I take a picture...it's gotta be good.

8. A technically perfect photograph can be the world’s most boring picture.

9. A good picture is born from a state of grace. Grace becomes manifest when one is freed from conventions, free as a child in his first discovery of reality. The game is then to organize the triangle.

10. Most people if I like their music, I can get good pictures.


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